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Dev Domains

All of our licences allow use on staging and/or development domains without counting towards your site activations limit. However, your domain name must reflect one of the allowed TLDs or Subdomains.

These top-level domains are considered dev or staging:

* (GoDaddy)
* (Cloudways)
* (tunneling)

Subdomains that are considered as dev or staging:

stagingN.* (SiteGround; N is an unsigned int)
* (WP Engine)
dev-* (Pantheon)
test-* (Pantheon)
staging-* (Kinsta)

Additionally, if your domain is localhost (with any port), it will also be treated as a localhost domain.

If your domain isn’t in the list, and it is not viable for you to change it, just send us a message and we’ll see what can be done.